VISITS: Holly Hendry

Curated by Fanny Diehl, Stina Gustafsson, & Nora Heidorn

Curate Projects, London

21-23 November 2014

This installation of new work created during Holly Hendry's residency at Baltic 39 studios presents an opportunity for the artist to push the materiality of this body of work and to experiment in a context very different to a gallery.

Hendry uses industrial materials such as metal, wood, cement and plaster, basic building aggregates and processes of casting and construction to draw on the inside and outside of objects. Her works emerge from replicating and transforming dimensions taken from architectural interiors into bodily, hollow or inflatable forms.

The artist is drawn to personal living spaces as ‘memory architectures' with knowable boundaries. She conceives of these as hard frameworks that give way to stickier, more complex relations. The works are in pieces; amputated architectures that behave like tiles or bricks, stacked or cut off at the limbs, suggestive of the classical, fragmented figures that they mimic and mock.