Lynne Kouassi & Nora Heidorn 

K19 Studios, Berlin

October 2023

In Naturkulturpolitik, Nora Heidorn and Lynne Kouassi examine illustrations of birthing positions from a historical obstetrics book using an intersectional perspective. The exhibition creates a haptic experience with dyed and painted textiles and an editioned bookmark that makes an artistic intervention into the book. Visitors are invited to write Care Labels for the textiles and thus make a personal contribution to the work. The installation critically and artistically engages with the medical-historical source in order to reflect current questions about care, vulnerability and justice.

The print edition is available upon request via 

Realised thanks to a grant from Dezentrale Kulturarbeit, Fachbereich Kultur, Bezirk Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Berlin.