Starting to Happen: Courtesy Liberation Films/LCVA

London Community Video Archive Commission

I initiated and managed this project within the Department of Art at Goldsmiths College, London

The commission was awarded to artist Djofray Makumbu in June 2020

The Department of Art at Goldsmiths College has partnered with the London Community Video Archive (LCVA) to commission an alumni to develop a new work in response to or inspired by the archive. The new commission will be presented publicly upon completion. 

Following a research and development period with the archive, the artist will develop a new work, event, exhibition, screening or other project that engages public audiences as well as the Goldsmiths community. The project might centre on moving image but can also respond to the LCVA through any other medium or practice. The nature of the outcome of this project is intentionally left open to allow for a high degree of self-direction and experimentation.

Ed Webb-Ingall from the LCVA, artist and lecturer Rehana Zaman, curator Nora Heidorn, and Nick Grimmer of the Department of Art will award the commission and act as mentors to guide and support the successful artist(s) during the development of the commission and the public presentation of the commission.

Thank you to my colleague Elliott Burns for managing this project after my departure from the role.