Access Riders, Jessie Bullivant and Jemina Lindholm, published by Frame Contemporary Art Finland

Knowing with(in) the Limits

Jessie Bullivant
Jemina Lindholm
Nora Heidorn
Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen

Online programme hosted by Frame Contemporary Art Finland

5 May 2021

This online event brings together artists and curators that Frame has been in close dialogue with over the last year and whose work, in different ways, contributes to informing and widening perspectives on access. Knowing with(in) the Limits considers which knowledges emerge from knowing individual and collective limits, specifically in regards to communication and entering into cultural spaces. Through the presentations and discussions the speakers share how working with situated bodily and social limits affects the art and culture being produced.

This afternoon of dialogues mixes together pre-recorded presentations, performative and installation work, and live in-conversation. During this event, Jessie Bullivant and Jemina Lindholm launch their Access Riders publication, the outcome of a collaborative project in which they invited contributors to the 2020-21 Rehearsing Hospitalities programme to write their own access riders. “An access rider is a document that can work as a starting point for a conversation about the accessibility of a certain situation between the inviter and invitee” state Bullivant and Lindholm. “An access rider is written by an individual, and can be shared when one is invited to take part in a project. It can include needs, wants, limits and boundaries”.

The publication, which includes an access rider by myself, can be downloaded here